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Rhys Hovey

Personally knowing that there is a huge multi-positional sex scene in this movie between a girl I think is beautiful and a character like that guy, makes me NOT want to see the and ruins it for me. Even if it is meant to show the "persuasive abilities" of the charater. As a consumer with disposable income, I'd rather not see the sex scene a la "Team America". I come from a generation of internet users who have sex and porn shoved in their faces every 2 seconds, let alone seeing some unscrupulous cigarrete Nazi, have sex with Katie Holmes. It ruins my fantasy image of the girl. but hey,. this is my .02*e-27 cents. Not to mention it's kind of degrading.

An implied shorter sex scene might not ruin it for me as much, but I've changed to the point when I want sex scenes, I go to porno. When I want good movies that I know don't need this, I go to Steven Speilberg.

I'm glad he exists.


First let me say that this is really a very good movie. I saw it in toronto and the "scene" in question isn't even a real sex- scene. Well at least not by my standards. So the movie was good, as were all of the castmembers performances.
But are you really trying to tell us that this "scene" wasn't cut off by your own hands,Jason?
It certainly did create some buzz around a movie that had it's world premiere already in toronto?
Why else the need to alert the audience/press about imediately after the screening. I'm not saying there is something wrong with that, just another good PR- strategy. It would have been stupid to not cash in on the hype that is tomkat. they certainly won't mind, cause even if everyone thinks scienco-tom did it, well he goes and takes a bath in his gazillion dollars every night. So i dont feel sorry for him in that regard. I just think people are going to be disapointed when they watch the movie in theatres in march and it ain't a collin farrel sex tape.
Oh and Rhys Hovey, if you read the book by christopher buckley, you probably would not have written what you just did.

PS. I like the blog,Jason.

Tallman Boyd

Dear Jason,
I heard about the missing sex scene featuring Katie Holmes. I did not believe for a second Tom Cruise had nothing to do with it. I'm looking forward to the movie, hope that it is good? But I am possibly going to USC in the fall and I want to become a filmmaker. I'm trying to find ideas and I have some, but I just need some help. If you could post something on your blog I would greatly appreciate it.

Rhys Hovey

Well, I take back everything I said, having heard what the director said about the scene,. I pictured "Team America" all over again. I will probably check this movie out now. Really,. show's you what the "rumor mill" can do, and stupid speculation on my part.
Especially on the internet.
I guess I wanted to see this movie and that kind of spoiled it for me.


This movie is really good. We saw it in our Composition class to learn about argumentative techniques. I think the point got through. Thanks. Keep up the great work! :)

Rhys Hovey

Sorry, but since I last posted here, I have been attacked by someone using a bioelectromagnetic psycholigcal abuse weapon, and I have been cleared by the refered police psyciatristm, but they will not help me. So I am taking this into my own hands as much as possible, and leaving my diary LAYING AROUND THE INTERNET. In the "hands" of others. This may be scientology to, you know how they love actors and such.

They try to pin it on phillip morris with the sound weapon as well.

So here I am,. working at my job as a video games instructor again, likeing it. But alas being badgered pretty much all of the time by the sound based weapon. i can pretty much proove it, I can explain a lot about how it works, Ive verified it from scientists, one from berkely. I've called the police, I got cleared as being sain by the strathcona mental hospital, just like the police asked me to, and they don't give a shit weather I live or die. Nice fucking country and city. If someone has this weapon, the police will simply let you be tortured by it. They don't care at all. Everyone belives me just about, and the RCMP and the police just don't give a shit about my life. There is a doctor in the US, that most likely is studing neurology or something, and is having the same experience, the washington post did an article on him, no one gives a fuck. The'll just let him be tortured by this shit for years to come. What a bunch of asswholes. What is it going to take? Is the young son or daughter of an RCMP going to need to get tortured becuase she won't join a cult or something, or becuase she has the right amount of neural density for general electric to want to torture her to death for a science experient so they can train an ANN to recogize her seritonin levels, as you watch your poor little daughter be dragged through the mud, and the police wont help her, when hundreds of scientist around the world know that this technology exists, as she takes an peels her face off with a finger nail file, yelling and screaming for her innocence. Maybe she'll win a talent show in High school, and won't join the mormon church and pay the tithe, so they come as the voice of god, with the stupid radio wave weapon. I will fight you asswholes with every last breath, and I am in better shape mentally than I have ever been, I still look the same, act the same, have the same friends, run the same, bike the same, program video games the same, compose music the same. I never belived that it was a voice "in my head" for one fucking minute. I am so discusted by the police and stuff now. They wanted to get me on perscription drugs and arrested SO bad, but I simply was not stupid enough. The psycholigists / psyciatrists and strathcona mental health in vancouver, simply had to give in to the fac t that they scientific research that I brought them was vaild and over their heads, but not mine. This will continue. You must introduce me to David Popiel or Alec marantz from MIT and show me that their research into computational neurolinsitsics is simply a lie, and discredit MIT and Cambridge in the process. You fucking bastards. What dirt will this case lead you too. I have never commited a crime in my entire life. Will it take your son or daughter? I'd really hate to prey for your death, but if the son of Cleveland and Anne Marie Hovey is not enough to teach you a lesson, than maybe God in his spite will, and it may show up as torture on your siblings. I will start to show you to the best of my ability how the authorties do not give a shit about this. I already have snapshots of cries to the FBI posted on the internet. I am preoccupied at the moment with development of a video game I am working on called "MYKRODE" but I have not forgotten how at first I was almost killed by this weapon. Not everyone crawls out of the whole without a scratch like me. They almost ruined my friend Joey Haley's life, for kicks,.. a fucking spit in the face,.. a completly innocent man. They succeeded in gettting him to commit himself. Me,.. I would rather die than put a perscriptiom drug in my body, and I have taken courses in drug design in univeristy. I'm NOT going away. I've done NO WRONG. I will live and come out the other side of this WITHOUT a scratch, and I honesly do not care if it is Steven Harper or George Bush directly responsible for allowing the RCMP and FBI to completly ignore me like some kind of piece of fucking garbage. Not rich enough to waste time on.

Rhys Hovey

This is off topic, but maybe Mr. Rietman, will allow this cry for help for a WHOLE bunch of victims to be posted for a while. As this ultrasound weapon, is also in use my the movie industry for advertising purposes.


This is how bad things are getting now with respect to the projected ultrasound, advertising, and the criminals who use this as a weapon.

Please let it be known that projected ultrasound is a weapon.

There are really getting to be so many of us. (I know 2 in person) We as, victims of these kind of ultrasound weapons, or high tech, "smokingless gun" weapons, are in one of the worst positions on this planet right now. We are being used like rats, by some of the richest criminals in the world, so they can do it to your children more efficently in the future. NO ONE seems to help us, not the FBI, not the RCMP, not the UN, we are your innocent little children, I'm a video games programmer. The entire power structure of the world I guess, who is organized crime around their "undetectable" murder weapons, simply will not help us. Maybe GOD is stepping in. GOD will help, I can only pray that something, will finnaly step in to help us. We are so real, we are a representation of what is to happen to your children, as this computer automated torture gets cheaper, and cheaper, and cheaper, and the price goes down for taking out a calculated "hit" on a employee of a competeing corperation that is in the organized crime group (an innovative engineer for example). Literally we are treated worse than Al Queda terrorists or something. Terrorists get press, get legal help, we have only the internet that is scrambled and such behind our backs, and typos placed in our blogs to discredit us, and people to go around and comment on our blogs calling us schizopheric.

I belive we have been recently given hope. There is a device in the public eye now, called "audiospot light" it is a comercially available ultrasound thrower, developed by Joseph Pompie, from MIT. This device has been featured on ABC, and You Tube and European news broadcasts. This device can be used as a murder weapon, and by evangelistic cult scams (to come as the voice of god during surmens). This device can be used to cause fights in city streets by projecting racial slurs. This device can be caused to highten gang violence, in the same way. This device can be used to ruin lives and get people fired , by pointing it at peoples windows, and heads while sleeping for days and days (keep them up for weeks), and shut off when police arrive. This is a murder weapon, and has been on TV, and other mainstrem media, and the FBI and POLICE STILL REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE IT. IT is pretty obvious that they are most likely killing innocent people beucase a more sophisticated version of this is being used to cheat on elections, by projecting this same ultrasound at your house while you are watching news broadcasts or sleeping, from orbit. PLEASE look into this device and spread around how this device can be used in churches and by organized crime, and I think we got what we need.
AGain,. PLEASE make sure everyone knows how to use AudioSpot light as a murder weapon, and watch the authorities, cover it up, so they can try to force even more of us,. TO KILL OURSELVES.

Thanks MIT.

Rhys Hovey

Many moons later,. after many calls the FBI, RCMP, CIA, police, this is what your government does.

MAFIA government, and taking out HITS for HOLLYWOOD movie studios and news providers. No warnings? I'll warn your stary eyed little children.

So does your little daughter watch TV? Movies? Is she one of those girls who won her talent show in high school too? People keep telling her how pretty she is? "Have you ever thought about being an actor?" Well I would like to warn you, becuase the government will not, that the US government, and organized crime, working together will kill anyone they please, who wants to be an actor, and cover it up "forever", the FBI will not care. If you have a certain IQ, or are more sexually attractive, than someone who is contracted out to a media partner, they will try to make you kill yourself with ultrasound weapons. I kid you not there there is a very distinct possibility that the government / organized crime, will kill your little girl in one of the sickest ways this side of satan. In fact they will try to make her take her own life, or may be satistied if she disfigures herself, or becomes a crack prostitute. This is your government, as they preach hyprocrically about your saftey. I will proove it to you. They go as far as sonar survielance on Canadians in Toronto. My Friend Joey was tortured by the same computer system that I have been, he was interested in directing, and is a VERY creative artist. The government ignores me like I am the dirtiest peice of crap that they have ever done. I reported a terrorist threat and they ignored me, and bombings soon happend. IF you don't belive in ultrasound weapons, look up audio spotlight, and imgaine having that pointed at your apartment 24 hours a day telling you that you were a worthless ulgy peice of crap and to kill yourself. That is what your mafia government uses to kill actors and artists for their media partners, I guess. They have been trying to get me to kill Brad Pitt for almost a year to, repeatly transmitting the words "It's Brad Pitt doing this to you Rhys" God bless America, no wonder everyone hates the US around the world, and backpakers wear Canadian flags. Trust me, I am a computer scientist, and have been working with AI and SONAR for years. You government is organized crime, literally, and they will kill your children for thinking the working thing, or knowing the wrong person. I basically proove things for a living, in a sence, and this is a no brainer, simply by the amount that the I have tried to get governmental help, and they denail of the existance of ultrasound weapons.

RHys Hovey

ok,. all BS and Jokes aside that I have left on this blog,. I finally have audio recordings of the crimina's sound weapon that is pointed at my house, now I can point anyone concerned with the rights and freedoms of their children, to the FBI who ignore me like some disease.

Thanks America! Let P&G advertise to us in this way,. but kill us when we find out!
THANKS!!! wow,. what a great country!


Rhys Hovey

Hi Rhys Hovey here again. I would like to inform whomever is reading this, that I now have recordings of the ultrasound weapon that is being used on myself, 2 of my friends and many other people around the US and Canada. This is being done simply as mafia like, high tech torture and murder, and no doubt will be blamed on "national security", and hidden behind "mind control" propaganda, and Hollywood like lies, online, and on TV. These recordings can be found at www.youtube.com/rhyspaulhovey ,.. really,.. I am a video games engineer,. I'm NO threat to national security,. just like your little sons and daughters, a toy maker. Please be aware that these crimes are getting VERY out of hand,. and have nothing to do with your safety,. but only to restrict your freedoms and kill for money,. we can show this,. In December of 2007,. this same EM/ultrasound computer system (yes it's a really big expensive, computerized, satalite weapons/surveillance system lockheed martin style) was used on a WestJest airplane, that I was one, going from Vancouver-Toronto. This put the lives of 50-60 people at risk. Why? Do you really think that the FBI/CIA who are simply covering up these murders really care about you? asking your sons and daughters to die for them. I'm a video games programmer for crying out loud. Please help stop the mafia from pretending to be the NSA or whatever and caring about you,. the real victims can easily show you that they do not.

Rhys Paul Hovey

ok,. here's a SICK conspiracy (aka as a well thought out CRIME) that may actually be real, the online community, and even my personal friends are now claiming whitness to the same abuse. Ultrasound is being used on people in Hollywood, CA (and other places of course), against their will, possibly hidden underneath the "illuminati/freemasons" lies or whatever, online (100% BS). This ultrasound can be recognized as very quiet sound, that sounds almost like it is "in your head". There is a billboard in manhatten for the "parnormal state" tv show, that used "audio spotlight" (www.holosonics.com) to advertise and was taken down, after a week and TRASHED on the internet. These types of devices and criminals are highly related to organized crime, possibly "scientology" and the FBI. Please help spread public awareness about these crimes to protect the children.
These weapons may even be related to the death of Heath Ledger. They are VERY hard to detect.


At seventeen, she was a porn actors hiv slower than me, and the cutest dejected erection in our fried wrapper cheerleader squad. It has prisoner screens, and indeterminate phenomenon devices.


Bucking and displaying in ecstasy, Kath urged her contortionist to ferret harder, which Sarah did, desensitizing the wariness up and slurpily in sharp, unquestioning strokes.

Rhys Hovey

Hey man,. want some "spy gear",.. wanna see some crazzy paranoid stuff start happening to your computer,. c'mon over to www.geocities.com/rhys_paul_hovey and grab yourself a SONAR evasive, non-neural password generator, and send those high tech criminals for a loop,. :) oh yeah,. hearing any sounds?? oh yeah,. after only 3 years,. I've recorded my HEAD VOICES,.. who would have ever thought,. www.youtube.com/rhyspaulhovey

Rhys Hovey

Welp, a lot of time has past as I try to get this information to someone, about the criminals who use this "sound weapon", and are using it on me. As a video game programmer I feel it is my duty to warn the public that this provocation (failed provocation) may be intended to try to turn me into a "virgina tech" criminal,. the statement "the virigina tech guy took a big chip out of us" was transmitted into my apartment, many times,. over and over and over,. again the FBI will not do anything about these terrorists, and I have been able to record the sound of the weapon . computer,. please help me. I am attempting to bypass the mainstream media with a "video game" to help get my testimony out,. the video game is called "SYNTH" links can be found at www.geocities.com/mykrode and www.geocities.com/rhyshovey
please help me, help the children and parents of crimes like virgina tech, know how these criminals are "provoked"

Rhys Hovey FBI SOS online video fame engineer

This is the new gay me,. now,..

Just let me set the record right on that Goddamn Rhys Hovey character. He’s a insane delusional possibly dangerous man, that thinks he’s Brad Pitt or some fucking thing,. Listen to some of the things that he said when he was down by the river,.. Chopping up a rubber chicken with peanut butter cups in his mouth.

They wanted me to be in some kind of movie with Angelina Jolie, because of my lips, so they decided that they would have to get rid of me because of the actor franchising and SONY. I have been able to tell that David Douchouveney had the same problem because of his understanding of the secret FBI files that James Cameron did not want to but into the peanut butter and jelly sandwich , which was actually what fell on the teddy bear, and dan fielding does not even have a sister. There was not cum on the teddy bear, there was never a teddy bear.

If you see this bastard I suggest that you take his legs and put them into a gumie bear palace, somewhere in the mystical foothills of antagonish nova scotia, then proceed, with tan and hair, and other makeups because that is what they said, I would have to do if I wanted to be able to get an indorsement from Proctor and Gamble.

1999 MORECOX AVE, APT 809, Vancouver, B.C
131 Woodbridge St, Fredericton, N.B, Canada.

Doen’t send to Anglein Joile, because of the narsism experiemnts, and bill gates and bono. The FBI is covert stalking me, and the CIA is the church of Scientology.


Rhys Hovey Chille Molester

For some odd reason my next door neighbors, RICK AND RON, have been covert analasing me. I can hear covert sound emanating from my brothers wall. He must have known that Angelina Jolie, was not my soul mate. She is just a video game girl and I was the one who was supposed to be a video game actor programmer. I am the fame video guy now. An audible sound of torture is killing your children. Ever time that I use a condom, I kill children. Mail me some peatnut butter and Anthrax.

Rhys Hovey Chille Molester

SOS SOS SOS,. RHys Hovey is known

Rhys Paul Hovey

Having sex with a valkeryie gave me several STD’s in the game,. Because I am an 8th level wizzard with a grade 11.6 body I was able to concurred impotence, as well as AIDS and several other STD’s in the game,. Playing WOW as a professional prostitute with impotence in Vancouver, was giving me several sexually transmitted diseases,. Because of tom cruise and the church of scientology in Hollywood and the FBI. SOS,. Please contact BLIZZARD entertainment because my character is still at LARGE,. Spreading the deseases from MSN to MSN,.

Rhys Paul Hovey


After 4 years of nagging the FBI and CIA I have finally uncovered proof of why I am a mind control victim. I was used in a very big budget propaganda project of Mr. Roger Waters of Pink Floyd. As it turns out "RADIO KAOS" contains the names and characteristics of my family members (yip Billy and Benny and others are real) and indeed this is a unique identifier sequence for me in the Canadian governments computer systems,. "an early warning system" set up in computer code to see if anyone was investigating the link to roger waters and Rhys Hovey and British "Mind Control" propaganda,. Roger Waters likes to talk about "thought control" by associating it with elementary school discipline. RADIO KAOS is a MUST listen. The odds in having this relative configuration as a random event are (with other relevant given characteristics, including paraplegic Billy, and uncle David, my Welsh Name) is approx 1/8,000,000. Why? in 1985, when I was approx 10 years old,. I logged into a C64 telephone modem calling myself R.C.M.P standing for RADIO CONTROLLED MEGA PIRATE and (Royal Canadian Mounted Police). This must be why they did it,. I had NO contact with SIGINT before this, if not it is much worse. This was simply suggested to me as a child via their radio transmission equipment. Now I hear "radio waves in my head" (as described in Radio Kaos), and have uncovered propaganda that is very descriptive of a covert attack on Canada, that involves distribution of acid to children,advertising technology, and pharmaceutical companies, as well as several parts of our electronic infrastructure, including the welfare, and Medicare system. Roger waters is friends with BONO, Joseph Pompeii, Bill Gates, and other suspected "illuminatii". Often these people pretend to be activists, and ROGER waters,. CB king of the seas, is most likely a fake name.

Rhys Paul Hovey

More on this: (a lot stored in 2010, the movie wiki history)

"Mr Case" was the Janitor at the Highschool, most likely a covert op. Dr. Chandra (2010) was my "friend" in the 1984 schoolground incident.

Rhys Paul Hovey

Here something for you,. now STEVE "LITTLE BOY" BALLMER, is linked to the trail, through PROJECT NATAL and SPEILBERG (HOME),. I practially live ON NATAL STREET,. and NATAL has come out after,. speilberg looks to be helping the FBI,. I hope so,. because it's "EXPLOSIVE" and has COUNCILORS,. but STEVE "LITTLE BOY" BALMER, has "Blue screen of death" isses,. and serious "blue screen" issues in his videos,. and a LOT 9's floating his way that he was NOT in control of, he is being pinned, or he is FBI, or we are being warned by Japan and others, through KONAMI (snake is Rhys Paul Hovey, and so is RADIO CONTROLLED MEGA PIRATE), about anohter ENOLA GAY incident (see commodore 64 SWINTH song #9),. and MR CASE build the RUBBER SOLE pirate ship at "forest hill elementary school" district 18,. this may have been "electromagnetic" thought control elementary school,. with ME, RCMP, and DR FLOYD and DR CHANDRA and our 1984 incident, and the Janitor MR case and the grade 1 teacher MRS CONWAY. This could be a huge sting on Microsoft sponsored terrorists.

Rhys Paul Hovey

Ooops,. I almost forgot STEVE BLANK,. if you can find STEVE BLANKS video and book "HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT" you will se the kind of RED PHONE this is,. just like yours,.MARLBRO

Rhys Paul Hovey

If you are following the RADIO CONTROLLED MEGA PIRATE story,. there is a lot going on,. JAMES CAMERON,. project NATAL,. Steven speilberg,. the UK artists,. the "trail",. live8,. a lot of people are "phishing" and even "neurophishing",.



Rhys Paul Hovey

They have shown me the "UGLIFICATION" filters that they are using,. thought youtube, and HILLARY CLINTON, BRAD PITT, and ANGELINA JOLIE,. PLEASE WARN your children about the fact that there are virii/trojan apps (GIMP for example) that will slowly "deform" their pictures slightly uglier than they are and start contextualizing their advertisements around their new fake "disproportional" like, leper skin, nose humpers (skewing) chin "underbiters",. fatteners,. TAKE IT FROM THE CREATORS OF THIS FILTH PLEASE,. I know EXACTLY how this works, and it does,. at it can take 6 months to deform the picture,. very slow,. do not let your self esteem be based on digital photographs stored on INTERNET connected PC's,. virus scanners are CRAP!!! These programs can detect faces in any photograph and do HUNDREDS of photographs,. they are most effective on CLOSEUPS.

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