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Coughy McGee

breathe deeply :)

Gary Tucker

Hey, Jason - Thanks for the nice words about Seattle - And it was great meeting you at the screening. As per our conversation, we'd love to talk to you about being a juror. Drop us a line so we can have your contact info. Best wishes with the rest of the tour.

Bob Sanchez

Hey Jason
the Q & A after the film in berkeley was awesome. you did a great job answering people's questions(easy ones and hard). and that last woman who asked those questions was really harshing everybody's mellow and you handled her well. i really enjoying your film. thanks for making it.

Brian Carroll

My favorite short film of yours is "Consent" hands down. Although I thought that the ending needed a little work, I found the entire concept really really clever.

"In God We Trust" is also great - I just picture all of the heaven office dwellers huddled over the one computer.

I like what you have to say about short films as a storytelling medium - I produce a number of short films and it's always good to see more people champion them!

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