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Sameer Vasta

ooh, i hope i wasn't one of those journalists that asked you to be two-faced. then again, i'm just a writer for a student paper, so i guess i don't count, right? :o)

was great meeting you on tuesday, hope you got some much needed sleep. looking forward to some more great reading on the blog too. ciao!

Chris Thilk

Not only journalists are reading your blog, but other bloggers.

My advice to you as far as press questions would be to say, "you know, the blog is my authentic voice and gut-level feelings on things. Feel free to pull anything from there that you'd like but make sure to mention it was on the blog first."

You shouldn't have to struggle with coming up with fancy new answers just because they can't be bothered to think up new questions.

Fraser Ash

Just wondering if you have any planned screenings for the UK. London? Edinburgh?

Happy travels.

Patricia Abbinanti

I'm going to see TYFS because Sam Elliot is in it. Will he be doing any publicity for the film?

maggie brammall

so, we watched the marketing of 'thank you for smoking' and are totally interested. we opened our la times to look for the movie and we see "selected theaters". to us this means that, by the time your movie comes to our local movie house, we'll no longer give a crap. why do the studios do this?????


I just had to let you know that I have just come back from a screening of your movie in Vancouver, BC Canada and felt compelled to find out all I can about the brilliant director/writer of this movie!
The movie was very well received and people were laughing so much! Lots of applause at the end (how often does that happen at movies nowadays?!).
I look forward to your great success with this movie and all in the future!
Your newest big fan!!

Marcy Groman

I just recently saw your film "Thank You For Not Smoking". I just wanted to give you my best compliments for making such a good picture. Naturally IMDB's top 1000 gave it low marks, but for chrissake, they gave "She's the Man" 6/10 as opposed to your 2/10. So pay no attention to these cigarette angry "haters".

Your film was amazing. I can't speak anymore than that.

bill fisher

Just wanted to say thanks for speaking in Aspen at the shorts fest. I attended the Friday session and met you and your producer after at the festival lounge. I got my first short, Kumquat, into a couple of fests and it was interesting what you said about not worrying about music rights. From now on I'm going to use what I want. I'm looking forward to the animal suit film clip contest. Thanks again.

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