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I think I'm in love with Timby! I just wanna cuddle up next to him and rub his belly and...

Wait. Don't take that the wrong way okay?

Congrats on the newest Reitman.

Lazy Geek

Great stuff. Here are some thoughts - http://www.lazygeek.net/archives/2006/03/thank_you_for_smoking_merchants_of_death.html

Jannah Raffali

Just wondering if Fox Searchlight would bring this movie to Malaysia. All the best for this movie :)

Ian Gifford

Hi Jason,

I haven't seen this yet but have waited for it since it's Toronto Film Fest debut got such great accolades. I have been a fan of "In God We Trust" for a couple of years and watch it once every couple of months. Do you plan on anymore collaborations withthe actors in that film or "Consent" (the dude that plays the lawyer and Gil kills me!)

Keep it up brother. Your Dad should be very proud.

Peace from Canada,


Dom Silvi

Greetings! Just saw " Thank You For Smoking" at a small theatre in Harwich, Massachusetts , on Cape Cod!

It's Great!


Dom Silvi

B. Green

No matter which side of the tobacco argument you find yourself, "Thank You For Smoking" is a masterful presentation on the art of spin.

I was especially struck at the end of the film, by the inclusion of stock footage from the Budzyn/Nevers trial of 1993 in Detroit. I'm fascinated as to what motivated the choice of courtroom scene from a murder trial to be juxtaposed against the backdrop of a milestone "big tobacco" settlement.

Were you looking for the "appearance of guilt" presented by two white officers charged with a racially motivated homicide to drive home a sense of "blood on their hands", in attribution to what an unfamiliar audience might otherwise assume were guilt-ridden tobacco executives?

A near-perfect choice, given the twisted spin that an incompetent mayor and sensationalist Detroit media placed on an unfortunate event in which two cops... who had never been partners before... were suddenly painted as a rogue "Starsky and Hutch" team notorious for longtime racial brutality.

If only someone would make an objective movie about the Nevers and Budzyn trial, I would be totally thrilled! It would be great to see a film about how decent, law-abiding cops pay a steep price when evidence is twisted and facts withheld to satisfy the forgone conclusions of a populous incapable of believing that not all tragic events are the consequence of racism.

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