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cuz laura

hey jason,

i just watched the oscars, and you got basically every category right! word


Well, except the "lock" that was Best Picture...

Phoebe Flowers

Thank you for excellent interview. Just wrote a tad about it on my own blog, featuring very flattering picture of you stolen from other media outlet. You know your ego cannot resist checking this out:



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I enjoyed the film, but was the poor film quality (low res and colors were off) was off putting. Was that done intentionally (a poor art choice) or just due to a low budget?

movie maker wannabe

i love to watch his movie a lot.but as a fan, i was wondering how do they control the types of information regarding the movie comments without giving a negetive impact on the show before it is screeen?example, in the official website, it only shows short clips and previews, so to avoid the public to have a bad impression about the upcoming films, how do the site moderator handle it?


What is the music at the beginning of the film? I loved it! The film was wonderful. I am recommending it to all of my friends and family.


I sawell the movie at SXSW. Will you be releasing it in Kansas City since I have 60 people who want to see it.


Thank you for Smoking looks great! why dont you bring it over to New Mexico? Taos, Santa Fe, Albuquerque.

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