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Sameer Vasta

hey jason, so i'm going to gloat a bit and say that i got 22 right this year (and yes, i called crash for best picture) but i just want to agree with you on the squid and the whale being one of the best films of the year.

anyways, i'll stop now since i've got an interview lined up with you in two hours, so see you then!


Hey it is so awesome that you have a movie out and still have a blog that isn't overflowing with 1000s of comments. This way we know you actaully read them. Any way my friends and I are going to see a screening of TYFS next Monday in DC and we can't wait. Looks hilarious and I have only heard good things about it. I commend you for succeeding in Hollywood (like really YOU ARE SO COOL FOR THAT!) and yet still remaining accessiable to people who live all the way out in Maryland, but dream of making it someday!
If you are ever in DC post a blog about it!

Brian Carroll

Hey Jason,

Selfishly, I love the fact that your blog doesn't have a ton of comments on them. But I don't know any other way to contact you, so I wanted to ask you about something:

I'm Brian Carroll and I'm in charge of a small film festival that's going to be hosted in the Connecticut Convention Center on July 8th. It's called "Dionysia" and it's less of a film festival and more of a celebration of short films. I was wondering two things: if we could get premission to show your short films (Consent, Gulp, In God We Trust), and I'd also like to invite you to the event, and we could make accommodations for you.

As I've said in comments in the past, I'm just a fan of your work and especially what you said about hoping that short films will be as important as short stories. It fits perfectly into what we're trying to achieve.

I know this is terribly informal and given the chance, I would have presented it to you a little better. I know you're busy and probably get a lot of requests for things like this now, but if you could just drop me an e-mail, either way, I'd greatly appreciate it.


-Brian Carroll

Joe Shlabotnick

If you're gonna be famous, then it's time to learn some grammar - specifically, the correct usage of "me" and "I". (Don't go embarrassing us fellow Canadians, ok?)

Example #1: "this LA Times piece on Christopher Buckley and I." NO! Not "I"! "Me"!!!

Example #2: "They also came to watch my buddies and I play broomball." NO! Not "I"! "Me"!!!

Example #3: "An SUV picked my wife, her folks, and I at home" NO! Not "I"! "Me"!!!

Example #4: "My wife and I have added a second French Bulldog to our life" - YES! That's right!

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