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Off to see the world

Been a fun week in Los Angeles. Did a lot of interviews. Good Morning America even followed me around on Tuesday. They are doing this new segment called "Young Americans to Watch". I don't suppose they mind that I'm a Canadian citizen. Perhaps they'll call my episode "Young American Legal Residents to Watch!". They came with me to some of the original locations we shot in and I gave them a tour. They also came to watch my buddies and I play broomball. We have a league, but we've been on hiatus for two years during the movie. We're back and ready to give blood.

A lot of people have been asking me when Thank You For Smoking will hit their town. Have no fear. TYFS will be covering the country. We are doing a platform release because it takes time to make people aware of a movie like this. However, we're really hitting our stride now. If we're not in your hometown by now, we'll be there within two weeks.

We're also going to be coming out internationally. I don't have set dates, but look for us in Europe this Summer. Australia and Asia by fall. In June I'll be going to London to do press as well as attend the Short Shorts Festival in Tokyo where TYFS will play. After that, I'll be in Munich and Melbourne for their respective film festivals.

This coming week, I'll be in Colorado for Aspen Shortsfest - One of my favorite film festivals in the world. Young filmmakers often ask me where to send their shorts and I always say Aspen. Besides being an Oscar qualifier, they are the definition of filmmaker friendly. I’ll be there this year for a director’s spotlight as well as to be a judge. Can’t wait.

In the mean time, I’ve posted all kinds of new photos on MySpace as well as a Point-Of-View VIDEO I took from Sundance when being introduced at the TYFS screening. It’s pretty cool. Check it out -


The photo is from this LA Times piece on Christopher Buckley and I. We went through a bag of dry ice that kept burning our cheeks.