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I saw the movie yesterday and what a total winner. Great job with the writing and directing and yes, the opening credits were excellent.

Can't wait to see the next offering!


Hi Jason,
just finished reading your whole blog. Great read, especially for young, curious filmmakers working as interns for Searchlight... just like me!
Honestly, very nice insight of filmbiz with some very funny parts. We will release TYFS here in Germany in July... now that's going to be a funny and (hopefully) highly creative campaign. I will see the movie tomorrow and then we will start to brainstorm a little with ideas. It's going to be really exciting! Would love to get in touch with you to ask you some questions about the movie and the marketing. But I guess you are quite busy right now...
Anyway, good luck on your way!

Take care,

BTW: whoever had the blog-idea, is a smart guy!

linda hawk

one of the funniest movies i have seen, since "office space."

i was a huge buckley fan after listening to his "no way to treat a first lady" on CD's. i didnt think he could "skewer" lawyers, politiicians, hollywood, media etc. any better. guess i was wrong.

Kristen Champoux

Great movie!!! Agree about the opening credits...

I was hoping to use this blog to plug our new website - www.smokingdate.com

On-line dating for smokers and smoker-friendly singles. Figured there'd be a lot of smokers going to see the new movie! Check out the site, it's brand new and and we're really trying to ramp it up! Create a profile, it's free - we will be giving away some tickets to see the movie as well!

Tell all you friends...and we'll certainly be discussing this kick-ass hysterical movie!


I am interested in a pre theatrical release screening here on the big Island of Hawaii. We have an active group of state wide people who are persuing creating a tobacco free culture and this movie seems to be just the ticket. How can we get it for a sneak preview screening here. Please respond to aleighland@yahoo.com with particulars.
Thanks for a timely subject.

Alexa Smith

Have to say that this is my favorite movie this year so far. Thanks so much for putting together such a smart film with amazing talent on screen. Loved the writing and the dark humor. Can't wait to see the next one! :-) Alexa

David McAllister

Considering how the United States of America has become so anti-smoking/anti-smoker in the past 2 decades, making any movie about smoking issues that doesn't rant and rave for two hours about how evil smokers are is a breathe of fresh air. I am the webmaster for the very popular Black Hawk Tobacco Shop, so I went to see the movie, as you may imagine, with considerable skeptism. Though I am extremely tired of being continually bashed at by anti-smoking forces and have become quite sensative on the topic in general, I didn't feel like the movie was biased or preachy. Actually, I found the movie funny and highly entertaining. Though it isn't going to appeal to all smokers and it may directly offend some, I like it and I think it is worth seeing. Hell, with a title like "Thank You For Smoking," it is almost a must see type of film. (It would have been cool to show how riduculous some of the anti-smokers have become. I can't tell you how many non-smokers have screamed in my face that they hope I die of cancer. Though they might not smoke, I am sure they have other skeletons lurking in their closets that are just as bad. Making fun of some of those lunatics in the movie would definitely have spoken to any smoker who happen to see the movie.)


Jason, I hate to comment randomly on your blog since my comment has nothing to do with the topic at hand, but I don't think we ever exchanged contact info when we met at the Austin airport. I took my family to see your movie yesterday and we all thought it was hilarious! You were right about it appealing to my Libertarian views. :) I'd love it if you'd send me an email (in all of that spare time you have) with your contact info! I promise I won't stalk you or sign you up for porno spam.

Mike Shaw

hey have to say great movie however im about to seem like one of the thousands of fans that want something from you fro free which isnt the case at all
I WILL PAY if you can help me here
i have a friend who loves this movie so much that so far he has spent about 300 bucks to see it however he is being admited into the hospital today and is about to have his leg amputated so i figure if it is possible could you send an autograph made out to mike to get his spirits up a bit
you have my contact info through this site i just thought id try oncve again great work

Steve Popovich

Congratulations on TYFS. My daughter and I saw it in Cleveland at the Cedar Lee Theatre and loved it. One of the great lines that I relate to since I've been fighting Sony/BMG (and in fact have won in federal court in Cleveland) was that one of the greatest assets major companies have is the appeals process which I agree with since Sony/BMG hopes I die or go broke as they continue to rob estates of living and deceased creative people much the same way that Hollywood did in the Art Buchwald royalty situation. You might find my website interesting and given that America seems to be fed up with a lot of the Hollywood bullshit movie machine, I think we are in a phase right now that people standing up and being the Lone Ranger and fighting the evils of corporate and political greed is the now the thing to do. I hope that standing up for what is right will inspire the public. Anyhow, good luck with the film, it was great and it is a pretty amazing lesson in the Greed Factor that capitalism breeds in some businesses and politicians.

Steve Brun


Great movie with an all-star cast. Timing couldn't have been better, with hatred for smoking at an all time high. I look forward to your upcoming projects. My question is a rather simple one: what is the title/who is the singer in the first song at the end credits (the singer sounds a little like James Blunt). Thanks Jason, keep up the good work.


I'd love for this movie to show here in Starkville, MS... we are the very first city in the state of Mississippi to enact a citywide smoking ban at all businesses. It goes into effect next month.

Morgan Daly

I can hardly wait for you to release this movie in Australia. Great Work!


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