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this is the problem with blogging. you forget to or you dont make time to and you get lost in all that happened and dont have time to write.
i know loads of people read this and im surprised at how little comments there are.
whatver, i read it and i could never be a judge

Bob Miller

Hey Jason --

I'd love to do an email interview with you for my site (newdarkages.net). Would you email me at b.miller@newdarkages.net if that's possible. Thanks!


sending a post about your movie;


you guys might also be interested in the following musical 'Havana Carnival'
which haven't been getting much publicity in the US for not so obvious reasons


Keep writing... there are other young directors out here enjoying your blog. Loved the film, fantastic writing/directing going on there-- maybe even better than the elder reitman (oops, can I say that out loud?).

rich Siegel

I heard you over the weekend on FM Talkradio. Great interview. I loved the movie.

We actually met years ago, when you came to visit TBWA Chiat/Day. I had just finished HOME MOVIE with Chris Smith.

Anyway, good luck. Look forward to the next film.


Hey Jason, í'm from Colombia. I haven't watch TYFS yet but i have watched your two short films and there are funny as hell. One question: which camera did you used to do the short films?... I'm finishing a script and i'm going to do it (short film debut) and i need a hand.... Thank you for helping me.. Marco


Hey man,

Love the blog. When are they gonna announce the winner of the TYFS blog roll contest? May 1 has come and gone and no notice or anything on the film site.

Keep blogging.

Lamont in DE

I'd really like to get an original track to Jason or Ivan Reitman that would fit great in the upcoming flick 'My Super ExGirlfriend'. Yeah it's late as heck and a long shot...but it's a sure-bet hit song at the right time for the right movie. Take a chance and hit me up. Later.


Hi Jason

I was just wondering when you will guys show the movie here in philippines


Hello Jason,

I'm from Japan, I saw you and David at a Laforet Museum Harajyuku last Friday. Really happy to find your blog!
Your works,"In God We Trust" and "Thank You For Smorking" are great. again, great!!
AS you Know, ordinaly Japanese peopele no longer living in traditional Japanese style(like KIMONO-wearing, using real Japanese traditional furniture), but Rob Lowe's mixed oriental style is funny and acceptable.
Sounds, camera works, script...everythings is great. Especially, good in zipping along. I can hardly wait this autumn, you twos will make a splah in here, too!


know loads of people read this and im surprised at how little comments there are.
whatver, i read it and i could never be a judge

Jules Carlysle

I'm so bummed you aren't writing this anymore! Come Back!!! Come Back!!!!

I'm a non-fic writer currently writing my first novel....It's political satire and I went looking for a little background on my two favorites...Thank You for Smoking and Wag the Dog.

Anyway, I was thrilled to see you have a blog....and bummed you haven't posted in a year!

You do good work!

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Tony Kondaks

Why do you participate on the huffingtonpost.com's blog? They continually censor readers' comments when they feel it will hurt the feelings of their bloggers. Their official policy: "We must respect our writers and protect them from inflammatory comments. They too are entitled to free speech- the right to share their opinions without being subject to scathing and mean-spirited remarks. This is not about opinions but the manner in which opinions are expressed."

Jim Buster

love the blog and the color contrast is great man


first off, i have to say, i dont smoke, never have never will, i dont like the idea of smoking, however, that doesn't stop me from thinking that this movie is the single greatest movie of all time. keep up the good work.


Love the film, "Be Here To Love Me", thought it was brilliant. Townes has been one of the most important characters to my development as a songwriter. I am hoping to find a filmmaker to do a film about the life of an essentially unknown songwriter. www.michaelgbatdorf.com
A ton of video has been shot in the past year of my life. Collaborations and travels all documented, including rare footage of Toumani Diabate, who is arguably the world's purest source of music. (8th generation Lute player from West Africa)
There is video of traveling all across the United States with songwriter, Michael Batdorf. Along the way, you meet all walks of songwriter life that Michael encounters. You essentially get a snapshot idea of what it is like to be a Folk songwriter in America today. Footage also includes interviews with songwriters, performances, song ideas and the daily process of writing. Documentation of living on a converted school bus and working independently to make a living out of a hard career.

Any interest in the making of this film please contact.
Thank you, Michael



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Watch Movies

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Tess clark

Ok this dude is possibly the nicest guy I've ever seen on tv. Watched him on jay Leno last nite and I will now go to every movie he makes just cuz I like him.

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