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Hey Jason-

I was a DC prop guy on TYFS- I wound up driving you around while you shot b-roll out the window..

Now i'm directing a crappy show on Court TV, but my demo reel is pretty killer... i'd love to chat
about a short...

all the best

David Sandeep Robert

Hi Jason, i really loved your films In God We Trust and Thankyou for Smoking. Havent watched Juno yet. I'm sure it must be amazing one. I'm a aspiring director from india. I learnt film making by watching hollywood movies;dvd special feature making. I quit my job as a creative director in 2004 to persue my passion as a director. made few short films. My recent short film THE GHOST AND THE GANGSTERS (posted on foxsearchlight) won me a place in the 18 directors selected for a reality program GATEWAY hosted by Ashok Amritraj (hydepark entertainment). Im glad & excited to learn that you are eagerly looking for young short film makers to kick start their careers. I would like to pitch to your company Hard C. please leme know your email. looking forward to it.


Hey Jason
How does one send you stuff? I'd love to work with Hard C. I'm a writer/director and a huge fan of your work. Oh, and I'm Canadian, eh!


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