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Thank you very much.




arent you glad you got in with juno :).
I know this is going to sound all corny and stuff, but could you give me any hints/tricks towards becoming a director like yourself.
like did you do any special classes at university or just went straight in?
Thx heaps.
if i make it, lets work together one day :)








Thank you very much.

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Jeff Trikoleti














Hi Jason... I loved JUNO. I am in L.A and would love to intern at HARD C. Can you let me know if there are any internships available?



KK Lim

Expect to see your new movie - "Juno"! Should be a great film with the story.

Kid In The Front Row

Juno is such a perfect film :)

Martin Hill

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Mike John

nice post, keep posting good ones

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